Monday, August 30, 2010

LeO B@bY

Ish.. things have been kinda bad lately. exams, cash flowing out like nobody's business and also emotional challenges are bad problem combinations to be stuck with.
Bargh .. !

A recap what I did for the month of August. Mostly are those gatherings, party n my birthday celebration.. It was fantastic n a rEally reAllY speCial ++21++ to me,thanks to all my lovely peeps n coursemates.. =)
There are alot more happenings stuff but I am just too lazy to update my post.
perhaps i just lost the mood to blog ..

Holly mama , I need a break =(

Saturday, June 5, 2010

WTX 4931

Gonna start driving my little moving box to sch this sem
yet i am stil kind of "phobia" in driving
HmMm .. wat to do =(
Now i need to get used to observe every passing building
hate most caught in a TRAFFIC JAM especially during peak hours
which makes me appreciate the time being fetched

Well ,
if there is a choice
if hypothetically asked
I rather being fetched than drive

Monday, May 31, 2010


I am superb lazy recently
Kinda long time din updating my blog ad..
Well, here comes to the end of my sem break in the blink of an eye
A recap of what I did in my sem break
HmM.. wasting my precious time with PPstream (most of d time lar)
went Melacca,Bkt Tinggi n Genting ..
Shopping n high tea vid the gals ♥
However , cash flow has been kinda up the mark lately

My result for previous sem not okay at all.. Sigh~
My CGPA drops dramatically
Ish .. I hav screwed my life !!
It's d punishment for being last minutes study
I know I could have done better
But what have happened have happened
Just hope tat I will perform better in this new sem
Time flies
I just cant imagine I am already in Year 3 now
1 more year to graduate , good or bad ?

Gosh,it's freaking 3.30 am..!!
It's time to bed
yet I am not sleepy
perhaps this is wat we called "TEA effect"
It's bcuz of Bak Kut TEH or Chinese TEA ?
Watever ~


Thursday, May 6, 2010

Let's Partay !

Partay yea!
It’s a great place to relax
We had our gossip session
great laughter....
great people....
great liquor !
Next round kay ? Teehee ~

+++ HaPi BuRfdaE +++

Monday, April 26, 2010

wake UP !!

I’m such a slacker.
Wasting my time with nothing done, yet I feel so restless now
How many sleepless nights ? I wonder ..
Hey , wats wrong with my mind ?!
Keep on remind myself that it’s STUDY WEEK lor..
Ohww .. the agony..
Means ?
Have to start nerding lor .. =C
Sounds boring hor ?
SighH .. What a boring week to go through ..
Should I be MIA for the whole week ?
Ermm , I doubt if I could ..

Arghh .. my brain dysfunctional again ..!!
.. anyone ? wake me up pls ..

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Kelly Clarkson

Yay ! Went Kelly Clarkson’s concert at Stadium Buktil Jalil
Although I am not a big big fan of her
but then no doubt,
Her voice is impressive enough that is so hard to impersonate
And she is really hot and amazing !!
Bravo ! *claps*

Looking forward for d next concert ya ~

Thursday, April 22, 2010

++ i heart u all ++

It seems like we seldom sit together and talk
Really miss those nights that we spent together
It’s like the kind of feeling is back

Kononnya studying , just an excuse lor ..
And I din even look at my notes
I juz simply feel like wanna talk
An lar , I admit that I am annoying lar..
LOLz ..
We talked , we laughed
Until some embarrassing moment , MUAHAHA ..
Kay kay , promise not to mention it anymore .. WAKAKAKA ..
Yea I know Feng Shui there not good .. =D

Finally , we change spot n continue our conversation ..
We drank , we drunk ( not really lar , but juz a lil bit tipsy )
We share our deepest inner feeling , our misery , our happiness
Obviously , we miss the old times
Together we look back for life that we have been through
Those with sweet n bitter moments
Naïve but pretty awesome
It just really amazes me how time passes
Hey ,seriously I miss most the Sabah trip ..
How bout u guys ?
But don’t show me those ugly photos kay?
Ish .. dun even remind me of that .. muahaha ..

Most of us gonna reach our 21 soon ..
We are on our way to grow up , ryte ?

Sweetie :
Sometimes we choose to do something stupid unconsciously
We know that both of us are moron
LOL , who cares !?
U are like a mirror for me
And u know me well indeed
Love u so much
It’s glad to have u in my life
Hey !! We shall enjoy the fullest in our life
and face it without any hesitation , kay? ♥ *hugsSs*

Dear :
Though u din talk much
Seldom express ur own feeling
But then thanks for be my side
I know u will always stay with me no matter it’s up or down
Love u too ♥

BFF gang that didn’t turn up :
I really appreciate each of you that cherish my life
I heart u all ..
Everyone of u .. ♥

Hey gals,
Let’s plan for a trip after our finals kay ?